Frequently Asked Questions

The DVOX User Manual has a Troubleshooting section with the most frequently encountered issues and solutions. If you cannot find the solution to your current problem, please contact our dedicated DVOX Support team at

The DVOX solution is as simple as it gets, all you need is an analog audio feed captured from any source via the rear panel XLR connector (preferably a professional sound board or DSP). More information can be found in the Requirements for a Successful Deployment.

The DVOX solution needs to be installed and configured to reach your guest network. It is recommended to whitelist the MAC address of your DVOX units to ensure visibility for your guests.

Following this easy installation, log into your account at to activate the streams. For a better experience, a computer with internet access is the best tool to operate the DVOX MANAGER to create and manage your events, generate reports, view your controllers, etc. But you can also easily navigate the website on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop). For more information about the DVOX MANAGER, read the User Manual.

The DVOX solution only uses the internet to load the event page, the rest is all handled locally. This means no need for high-bandwidth internet access, as streaming between the client and DVOX unit is kept to the local network. More information can be found in the Specifications and requirements.

The DVOX Unit is programmed to automatically update its firmware only on boot, new firmware versions will be announced both on the website and newsletter with a reasonable amount of time ahead. Simply check if an update was announced and power-cycle the DVOX Unit to receive the updated firmware. The DVOX MANAGER is kept up-to-date and new modules are constantly being added, no interactions are required to get all the best and newest features we have to offer.

The first limitation is the number of DVOX Units physically installed on-site. DVOX Units typically have 2-4 audio inputs, therefore 2-4 possible streams per unit. DVOX Units can be used simultaneously to increase the number of available streams. Second, licenses must be purchased and kept active. For more information on the subject, contact

The DVOX solution is completely web-based, does not have an app, and is compatible with all standard web-browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.). All you need is access to the DVOX Unit's network, and you're good to go!

Only anonymous data coming from your web browser is collected and is used exclusively for event managers to generate reports on amount of users, connection times, browser language and operating system information.

There is a product called LOCUM to be installed on local networks with no internet access to enable the DVOX solution with its own MANAGER LITE. Make sure to reach out our sales teams for further information in the contact us section.