The world is changing, and so is live audio streaming technology. The DVOX audio solution offers an innovative way to live-stream your event to any web-enabled device without the need for an app or any additional hardware.

How it works

Bring your own device
Your LIVE audio
Your personnal event manager

The DVOX audio streaming system consists of three fully integrated modules:

The DVOX audio acquisition device (STEREO, AUDITORIUM, STADIUM) is the audio-to-local network bridge that captures your live audio feed and streams it to any device connected to your private local network.

The DVOX.LIVE web interface works as the receiver for all of your audio streams. From their smartphone or computer, your listeners can easily access your audio feeds via their web browser, all this with no specialized equipment or installation required.

The DVOX MANAGER web portal is used to oversee your DVOX audio streaming system. From one single point of control, your team can manage your streams, customize the end-user interface, obtain key performance indicator reports and much more.

The DVOX audio acquisition device acquires your live audio content and transmits it to any device on your local network. The device meshes seamlessly with your existing AV installation.

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DVOX.LIVE is the end-user web interface of the DVOX system. With DVOX.LIVE, your audience can start streaming live audio feeds in just a few minutes without any installation needed.

Go app free!

No more downloads, no mobile data usage, and nothing to install.

This is the future of live streaming. Our audio system is designed with simplicity in mind: users simply connect to your local WiFi and then access your audio feeds from their web-enabled devices (smartphones or computers). With no apps to download and accessible from any web browser, your audience can instantly access live comments, translation services, or any audio feeds without ever having to worry about any technical inconvenience.

BYOD, Bring your own device.

In today's world, everybody has a smartphone. We believe it's about time for an easy, fast solution to offer them live audio streaming. DVOX.LIVE is accessible on ALL modern devices and platforms.

Enjoy multiple live streams, on-demand.

DVOX redefines the way people experience live events: we give the user the power to choose their own audio experience. Whether it is for assistive listening, on-demand live feeds or traditional audio commentary, DVOX.LIVE provides your audience with a tailor-made listening experience.

Be live on the action.

No latency, no delay, and no buffering. Enjoy the in-game live audio feed as if you were on the field. With up to 320 kbps audio quality, DVOX provides premium sound quality for any major events where superior audio quality is a must.

DVOX Manager is the management web portal of the DVOX system. It provides your team with a full live audio streaming setup.

The Manager allows you to create and customize your events from one central point of control. Whether you are organizing a conference or setting up a permanent venue, rely on our management tools to make your life easier.

Our features include:

  • Event creation and management
  • Event skin customization
  • Audio stream assignment
  • Inventory administration
  • Key performance indicator reports.

Easy-to-use interface

DVOX Manager is simple and easy to use with minimal complexity. You can set up your event in minutes with minimal know-how.

Streamline your process

With a single login, you can manage all your key information - including inventory, stream configurations, user profiles and permissions. It's never been easier to plan audio for an event, thanks to our accessible, cross-platform web portal.

Your event, your brand

DVOX Manager has been designed to meet the needs of event planners and marketing specialists. We give you the tools to promote your brand and sponsor activations in a sleek and intuitive way. Customize your event page with a variety of colour schemes, fonts, and logos to fit your brand.

Integrate sponsorship opportunities for even more revenue

Get sponsors for your event and show them off on the DVOX platform. DVOX Manager simplifies sponsorship management with full KPI reports and real-time statistics.

See your performance.

The stats you need, right at your fingertips

DVOX manager is the best analytics solution for your event. DVOX Dashboard provides quick insights into what’s happening right now, in real time, so that you can have a clear overview of your audience.

Data that counts

We provide reports on all the trending KPIs in one place so that you can gain an insight into where your audio stream stands with just one glance. With this knowledge, we can help you grow your audience by providing a more immersive audio experience and better content recommendations.  

Key performance indicator reports

Time spent on the audio stream

Selected audio stream language

Sampling range for statistics reports

Day-to-day usage

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