Right Words. Right Now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to perfect real-time audio experience for both users and organizers, in events large or small, without the use of apps.

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is the NEW way to plan live audio for your event.


Add experiential value to your venue.


Ensure client satisfaction with minimal effort.


Listen to what is REALLY being said.


Bridge the distance between performer and audience.

Client Advantage

Right Words. Right Now.


No downloads and no installations are necessary in order to access real time audio streaming. DVOX functions on ALL platforms and web browsers without the use of apps.

Privacy and Security

DVOX uses a web browser, a local area network LAN and WiFi access point.

Low Traffic

DVOX uses the local WiFi network, hence a very low bandwidth usage on internet traffic.

Hassle Free

DVOX does not require disclosure approval signatures from any party. Since DVOX uses a WEB browser, it is the same as loading a Google search on your phone, hence no confidentiality issues.

Minimal Management

No specialized, costly and cumbersome equipment such as infrared or FM system with special headset is required to operate DVOX. Users provide their own streaming material.

Custom Technology

There are no direct limits to the size of the audience or number of simultaneous streams.

Bring Your Own Device

DVOX provides real-time audio streaming to any web-enabled device.

BYOD Users provide their own device with web browser, as well as and headphones or Bluetooth headsets.
Smartphone • Tablet • Laptop • Etc.

Hosting venue provides key WiFi coverage and strong network performance.

Easy Integration

DVOX is compatible with any audio infrastructure and can be installed in a few easy steps.


Our clients can brand and personalize their event portal in DVOX.live.
Logo • Banner image • Color scheme • Multiple pre-sets

Opportunity to Generate Revenue

  • Creative sponsor integration.
  • Rental opportunity: A hosting venue can rent out DVOX usage instead of letting their client install temporary outside technologies.
  • Option to charge a fee for accessing the event network: A museum can charge direct access fee for any visitor who wishes to access audio description of a work of art (in a language of his choice and limited to the languages the client wishes to offer).

Statistics Reports

Access to and possibility of selling anonymous usage statistics reports:

  • Ratings: connection statistics
  • Time spent on the audio stream
  • Types of devices used
  • Browsers used
  • Primary phone language
  • Selected audio stream language
  • Sampling range for statistics reports